Weekend Residency

Rumah Tangga is a multipurpose space – Home. Gallery. Museum. Library. Workspace. Land. As a basic underlying concept, we ask our residents to respond to the concept of Land Literacy. We select artists who we believe can expand and enrich an understanding of this concept in their own way.

If you are interested in working here, talk to us. We are regularly adapting and structuring our program and learning as we go. This page will give you an idea of our process for accepting artists.

Our weekend residency format means that the artist visits Rumah Tangga 2-3 days per week / every other week for around 3 months. The scheduling is flexible, however artists must be ready to dedicate themselves to their residency period. The residency period culminates in a show that best suits the intention of the artist.

At Rumah Tangga, we are open to all kinds of creative practitioners – visual, performance, gardeners, cooks, writers, teachers, historians, linguists, musicians, architects, researchers, curators, office workers. Basically, anyone who is interested in making site specific works that respond to the land and home in a unique fashion.

We offer a creative space and program that is very unique in the Jabodetabek area, and we have already begun to see our artists developing works that refresh and surprise.

Selected artists will receive a private studio space, and of course access to the library, home, land, workshop/tools, and free use of any materials on site. We hope to challenge our artists to find an essentialist approach to their practice, minimizing unnecessary “stuff”, and maximizing their ideas, contributing to a healthy, well-functioning ecosystem of material and concept.

We do understand that everyone’s work is different. If the success of your work depends on specific materials we are happy to help you acquire them as necessary. We do not offer a stipend but in the case that the resident’s project requires funding, we are able to negotiate a shared solution.

As advisors, we are here to help you develop your ideas from concept to logistics as depends upon your needs. We consider this a reciprocal process and always find ourselves learning alongside our residents as their projects unfold. Naturally, our artist’s success is Rumah Tangga’s success and so we give as much support as we can so that the residency and its result are rewarding. Outside of that support, we love seeing self-motivated artists who are fully invested in their ideas and who consider the process its own reward. Rumah Tangga and the artist will work together to promote the artist’s closing event through social media and any other relevant means.

Finally, proposals are usually created after already having spent some time here, getting a feeling for the land, home, and neighborhood, and developing your idea. Initial proposals simply lay the foundation and will be developed throughout the 3 month work period. Be sure to browse around this website if you’d like to get a better idea of what’s going on here.

If you have an idea you would like to propose, or if you would like to arrange a visit, please contact us. –RT