The People of Rumah Tangga

Mas Adham, Mas Sukarno, Mas Sujarwo, Mas Riyadi, Mas Sajidin, Mas Chairon, Mas Warsono, Mas Rohmay, Mas Narkholis, Mas Budiyono, Mas Ismanto and Mas Purwanto are the builders of Rumah Tangga. Their craftsmanship, attention to detail, and hard work have been amazing. As we live and work in the finished parts of Rumah Tangga, these guys are in, on, and around the home each day, digging, hammering, pouring cement, sawing, sanding, and solving all kinds of problems, and always with a great sense of humor. Watching this place come together through their hands has been a gift.


Ella Wijt‘s interest in art began at a young age through drawing and painting. She first started showing her work publicly in 2005. In 2015, she graduated from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago focusing in Contemporary Studies and Painting. Her works explore topics on religion and womanhood through the mediums of painting, sculpture, installation and photography.

Ella’s primary work from 2012 until the present is a serial, site-specific installation project called BUMIDUNIA. The series is a collaboration between herself and her environment and is the mothership of all her works. It is also the foundation of her childhood dream – a library and home for collected objects where people could imagine, explore and discover the new.

In 2016, Ella met architect Eki Yousha and started imagining the home which would become Rumah Tangga, drawing their inspiration from her playful illustrations of her library. Ella now looks forward to watching that dream unfold.


Kurt Peterson was born in Nebraska, USA in 1982, and was a founder of the Gamma School of Mindology and Sound, where he spent equal amounts of time as student, teacher, percussionist, and janitor. From here he managed to meet some creative people in the middle of a cornfield and he stayed there for quite a while. When some white beard appeared, he decided he would leave his home. He moved to Chicago, braining hard on art until he had a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, as well a small travel scholarship to study folk art and the sound of sacred spaces in the Midwest United States.

In 2017, Kurt moved to Jakarta where he and Ella began creating Rumah Tangga. Through RT he has the opportunity to facilitate forward thinking artists from Indonesia and abroad. Here he hopes to develop his knowledge in art history, curatorial, and alternative museum practices.


Eki Yousha graduated from Binus University in 2010 with a degree in architecture. He first worked in a Jakarta architecture firm for 3 years, eventually resigning to travel and find his own interest in his work. Through his journeys, Eki learned to find the feeling in spaces he admired and his relationship to those spaces. Eki now works freelance in addition to working as a designer with Aksis Studio Architecture and Interior.

In 2016, Eki met artists Ella Wijt and Kurt Peterson to talk about building a home. Ella showed Eki a painting of her dream space as Rumah Tangga’s initial guideline. Through their shared conversations and collected images, Eki created a plan for Rumah Tangga as a meeting point between home and artist’s canvas. Building Rumah Tangga has been one of Eki’s most experimental and personal projects to date.


Dwinanda Agung Kristianto is a nir practitioner who works in the minimove movement. He completed his art and design education at the Faculty of Art and Design at Trisakti University, Jakarta, majoring in Interior Design. He currently makes work at Nirmaking Studio, Ruang Seni Ago, Cibubur, creating visual and performance art. 

Nanda has joined Rumah Tangga as a place to develop alternative and visionary art work based on the “Big Bang!” Method, with an essentialist approach: “The best part of art is precisely when it is incomprehensible”. Through Rumah Tangga, Nanda hopes to advance and give birth to artistic potentiality with various characters through the language of creation in the field of Indonesian art and beyond.


Patar Pribadi is an independent cinematographer and photographer, documenting both the urban and natural landscapes of Indonesia and abroad. Patar has worked with a number of organizations spanning the arts, environmental protections, and urban infrastructure. He also makes video clips for musicians, though he says most of his time is spent sweeping, mopping, cooking, and burning trash.

As Rumah Tangga’s documentarian, Patar is able to become a different kind of observer. Here, he works with each artist to understand their approach and intention, so that he can capture the honest vision and spirit of each project. At Rumah Tangga, Patar hopes to develop a new eye through documenting performance art and installation, and by having the opportunity to work collaboratively with a variety of artists and thinkers.