We would like to offer as a gift this new sound work that Ella and KP recorded at the end of 2019. It is for us “sound generated as a means of dressing the invisible”. A story, a dance, and what suddenly feels like a looking ahead into the coming year’s intense play of light and shadow and perhaps the inversion of our very perception of these phenomena. Lumayanescence, “just enough light is plenty, 2020”. Let’s keep carrying that light together and let this year be the beginning of a new world.

All our love, Ella & KP // March 2020. kata sifat: agak banyak; sedang; cukup juga

adjective: decent, but enough; not bad.

* * * *

Luminescence The emission of light by certain materials when they are relatively cool. Luminescence is often called cold light. The practical value of luminescent materials lies in their capacity to transform invisible forms of energy into visible light.


Recorded December 30, 2019
Released June 18, 2020

Piano: Ella Wijt
Perkusi Panci: Kurt D. Peterson

Recorded, mixed, and produced by Kurt D. Peterson

Recorded at Rumah Tangga, Depok, West Java

© Rumah Tangga 2020