Ibrahim Soetomo

Ibam has spent just over 4 months in the weekend residency program here at Rumah Tangga. The culmination of his efforts is a new collection of writing entitled, Buku Biru / In The Intermittences of Day.

The writings contained in Buku Biru are a quiet and steady observation of spaces and days, drawn into the form of a single day’s passing from sunrise to night. The collection includes prose and poetry, as well as photos and drawings of sound specimens collected on Ibam’s walks.

Buku Biru / In The Intermittences of Day is available at Aksara corner at dia.lo.gue shop during ICAD Kemang 12730.

You can also order a copy of Buku Biru online at the link HERE (:



Ibam always writes first by hand, in cursive which slants across the page in crisp and cleanly spaced lines of text. His process is befitting the kind of patience which is evident in his observations. His cycles of various kinds of creativity and reflection – taking walks, playing music, listening to an endless playlist which spans decades and genres, seem to keep his consciousness gently aloft so that he may return again and again refreshed to the task at hand – his writing.

Each weekend Ibam arrives with two bags hanging at his side, one with clothing, towel, toiletries, the other full of books to share or that he is perusing alongside his main read at that time. He has taught us here at RT how to clean and care for our library collection in the harsh wet and dry seasons of Indonesia, protecting the books from cracking, yellowing, and mildew. He was a catalyst for our reading club and seems to inspire a love of reading and of words simply by hanging out. -KDP 2021



Ibrahim Soetomo (1995) is an art manager and writer. He graduated from the Fine Arts major at the Jakarta Institute of Arts in 2018. His thesis discusses the manifestos of Indonesian art movements. Currently, he works as a visual art program manager at Komunitas Salihara Arts Center. He is also a part of ruangrupa – Komplotan Jakarta 32°C and collective Gerakan Seni Rupa Bogor. His latest publications are “Direktori: Indonesian Collective Map 2010 – 2020″ (Whiteboard Journal & British Council, 2020) and “Amrus Natalsya: Memahat Bahtera Purba dan Pecinan Kota Tua” as part of Pusaka Seni Rupa Indonesia 2: Seni Patung Indonesia Modern (Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, 2021).

Ibrahim is also fond of literature. He will always remember those magical moments when he read and finished In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust (1871 – 1922).