Bridge Library at Rumah Tangga

Bridge Library and Rumah Tangga Museum
Open Sundays by appointment, noon - 8pm
Please scroll down for details and guidelines

In 2020 we initiated The Bridge Library at Rumah Tangga. This library was one of our founding intentions for the space, and Ella’s dream since she was very young. Our collection is still rather modest, but we hope to continue to fill it out, offering a place for fresh insight and research for creative people of all kinds. As we expand, the library will also carry music, sound, and video recordings, all of which can be enjoyed during your time at Rumah Tangga.

We are currently seeking contributions of high quality food for thought touching on the subjects of art, architecture, mythologies, philosophy, culture, anthropology, religion, poetry, fiction, history, well-being, science, psychology, language, gardening, sustainable living, etc. English or Bahasa Indonesia.

Contributors to Bridge Library will receive their choice of hand painted Rumah Tangga drinking glass featuring images from the land and gardens.

Perhaps you have works of your own creation? We are also seeking to showcase artist’s self made works – writing, research, collections, small artifacts, photography, music, sound recordings, video, and more. Creative approaches to “what is a book/what is research/what is documentation/what is a library?” are highly encouraged!

Please contact us regarding submissions or ideas.


Details / Guidlines:

Rumah Tangga will have open hours every Sunday, noon – 8pm for our visitors to make use of the library, museum, home, and land for research and reflection. To make an appointment, again, contact us!

We ask that visitors come here with the understanding that Rumah Tangga hinges between private home and public space. This means simply that people arrive here with an intention for their time that respects themselves, our home and its contents, as well as other visitors, both present and future.

Much love… we can’t wait to see you! –Ella and Kurt